by Taylor Boswell


When we are growing up, we encounter a lot of changes and many teenagers accepted these changes with going to the gym and taking protein powder. At puberty, many suprises come along they way and they are usually intimidating and embarrassing.


Entering adolescence can be very challenging because you will be facing new things and leaving things that you were familiar for ages. Adapting to a new kind of life is not easy and it can be difficult. Puberty has earned its name as the greatest transition that will ever happen to a child's life, to everyone. Becoming an adult can also send a different feeling because you will become mature and that is what exactly everyone wants. However, instead of feeling excited, most people end up feeling confused because they will experience a lot of surprises along the way.


There are surprises that can be readily seen physically. Some have noticed a lot of changes with their bodies. Yet, major of the changes happen secretly and it can trigger mixed emotions that might stir up a lot of feelings inside. That is the challenge part. It is important that children will be guided along the way into their adulthood. 


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