Learning the Tricks

by Taylor Boswell


We must make our wedding photography Auckland extra special because it is something that we want to remember all our life. No, we do not need some expensive gears for our camera to have the perfect shots for our wedding day.


More than the price that we pay for expensive cameras, we need something that could shoot us some pictures that only require techniques that could cost less than our skills themselves. If we are taking pictures not because we have some special event like a wedding, we can get some practice and learn tricks on how to unlock the best features of our camera. We have to get to know our camera better so we can use the features very well and use them totally.


One of the things that we must get to know well when we are taking pictures is learning how to play with lighting effectively. It can either add or lessen the drama in our pictures so we have to use it effectively. It either improve or destroy the quality of our photos so we have to flash it well. We also have to learn how to do well with the adjustment of our subject to it so we can project the right image for our pictures. 


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