Protecting Our Children

by Taylor Boswell


For us to date Christian, we have to consider many things because they keep standards in life to make it more satisfying. When you are brought up in a Christian way, we are often encouraged to wait for a while until the time is right. Many people think that this might be an obsolete idea but many have lived up to the benefit of waiting for a while.


There is a time in every teenager's life wherein they become impulsive that they always let emotions get in the way. Puberty is a time when decisions are made due to the spur of the moment so we would be wise when we put off dating first. This often leads to decisions that might make us regret in the end and we do not want to spare any moment with regrets.


However, our children might still get exposed to wrong ideas especially with their friends that take dating as casual. They often get enticed by their youthful desires especially those who did not get any proper guidance from their parents or their guardians. It is very important that we protect our children from these harmful influences. We can save them from many regrets if we only cared enough. 


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